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Sponsored by Mechanics of Materials

ICM-14 conference along with the journal Mechanics of Materials are pleased to announce the organisation of the ICM-14 International Student Competition for both full paper and poster presentation. The competition aims to highlight the scientific achievements of students and encourage the development of their oral communication skills while presenting to a technical audience. To be eligible, participants must be enrolled full time at an accredited university and must provide a current student card upon registration.

For the full paper category, the student contestant must be the presenting author during the conference, and must be listed as the first author in the submitted paper. For the poster presentation category, students must give a short oral presentation during the conference, and must be listed as the first author in the submitted poster.

Mechanics of Materials journal, in conjunction with ICM-14, will support the competition at the conference by providing funds for the best student paper category with a prize of 500 USD, and the best student poster competition with 250 USD. In addition, winners will be distinguished during the conference, and all the contestants (also including no winners) will receive a certificate in recognition of their participation in the ICM-14 International Student Competition.

The criteria to select the winners will be based on the quality of the scientific research and presentation skills. The particular aspects that will be assessed are:

  • Novelty of the research work (25 points)
  • Quality of scientific results (25 points)
  • Ability to convey message to audience (25 points)
  • Clarity and structure of the presentation for full paper category (15 points), and clarity, format and image quality for poster presentation category (15 points)
  • Responses to questions (10 points)
For further information about the ICM-14 International Student Competition, please email to