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Advanced Design and Manufacturing of Composite Materials and Structures

This short course provides you with an overview of the science and engineering of composites used in engineering applications, particularly focusing on aerospace, automotive, marine and other relevant industries. The course describes the design benefits and problems of using composites in both aerospace and non-aerospace applications; constituents of composite materials (i.e., fibres, resins, and core) and how they are manufactured into structures; mechanical and structural properties of composites, including their fatigue and fracture resistance. The course also outlines the key design rules used by composite engineers for structural design. This course will provide the advanced knowledge needed to undertake design, manufacture, and in-service support work in composite structures.


Composites are engineered materials that possess improved properties in comparison with their constituents, which often results from the synergy between the constituent materials. The term Composites can be fabricated from synthetic fibres or natural fibres. Synthetic fibres include boron fibres (high performance), carbon fibres (medium-performance), and glass fibres (low performance). Recent emphasis on sustainable materials and structures has led to various natural fibres being used in composite materials, such as flax, jute, and hemp. Synthetic fibre based composites usually demonstrate high specific properties, such as specific strength and stiffness. Composite materials have been extensively applied to areas that demand light weight strictures in combination with high mechanical and even functional properties. The typical industries where composites find wide spread usages are aerospace, marine, automobile, construction, mining, and sports. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to teach an advanced level course to next generation engineers, designers and industry practitioners.

Date of course: Wednesday 12 July

Course Content:

Module 1: Application and Manufacturing of Composite Materials

Module 2: Mechanics of Composite Lamina/Laminate

Module 3: Failure Analysis of Composite Laminates and Structures

Module 4: Analysis and Design of Composite Laminates and Structures

Module 5: Advanced Manufacturing of Composite Materials, including Additive Manufacturing



Aerospace/Mechanical/Materials engineers or researchers interested in composite materials and structures.

Industrial professionals wishing to share and learn knowledge.

Students from academic institutions interested in learning on how to do research on composite materials and structures.

Course fee:

The participation fee per person for attending the course is 100 USD.

The above fees include all instructional materials and refreshments.


12:30 – 14:00 hrs.


Prof. Raj Das, RMIT University, Australia.