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About us

The use for mathematical models of natural phenomena has underpinned
science and engineering for centuries, but until the advent of modern
computational methods and devices, the full utility of most of these models
stood outside the reach of the scientific and engineering communities. After
World War II, advances in computational methods have transformed the way of
engineering and science throughout the world. Today, theories of mechanics
of solids and fluids, electromagnetism, heat transfer, plasma physics, and
other scientific disciplines are implemented through computational methods in
engineering design, manufacturing, and in studying broad classes of physical
phenomena. The discipline concerned with the application of computational
methods and devices to these ends is called computational mechanics, and it
has emerged as a key area of research, education, and application throughout
the world.

The 15th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM-XV) & the 8th
Asian Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics (APCOM-VIII) is
co-organized by The International Association for Computational Mechanics
(IACM) and The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science
(JSCES) in cooperation with the Asian-Pacific Association for Computational
Mechanics (APACM) and Japan Association for Computational Mechanics

We work with people that they like science
and are passionate about engineering, this
has led us to discover unknown universes.

Hosting Organizations

The international group of scholars and practitioners of this new discipline
founded the IACM to promote advances in computational mechanics. To
establish the breadth of this activity IACM defines in its constitution the field of
Computational Mechanics as follows:

For the purposes of the Association we define the subject of Computational
Mechanics as the development and application of numerical methods and
digital computers to the solution of problems posed by Engineering and
Applied Science with the objectives of understanding and harnessing the
resources of nature. While Computational Solid Mechanics (CSM) and
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are at the core of our activity, such
subjects as Thermodynamics, Electro Magnetism, Rigid Body Mechanics,
Control Systems and some aspects of Particle Physics fall naturally within the
scope of the definition. Indeed the provision of a common forum for
discussion, education and research information transfer between the diverse
disciplines represented is the main «raison d’etre» of the Association.

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  • The Asian Pacific Association for Computational Mechanics (APACM)
  • Japan Association for Computational Mechanics (JACM)
About XXX
  • Honorary Chair: Genki Yagawa
  • Congress Chair: Seiichi Koshizuka
About XXX
  • S. Koshizuka (Congress Chair, Japan)
  • A. Huerta (IACM President, Spain)
  • O. Allix (IACM Vice President,
  • Europe-Middle East-Africa, France)
About XXX
  • S. Koshizuka (Congress Chair)
  • M. Oshima (Co-chair, Leader of Track 4 in TPC)
  • K. Kashiyama (Co-chair)
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  • A. Huerta (IACM President, Spain)
  • O. Allix (IACM Vice President, Europe-Middle East-Africa, France)
  • J. Fish (IACM Vice President, Americas, USA)